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Discussions on urbanism and beyond!

The KTH Centre for the Future of Places at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden held discussions on urbanism issues that will tackle design and planning for social diversity as part of its Delphi Conversation series. CivicMoxie Founder and Principal Susan Silberberg was invited to sit on the panel along with fellow panelists and moderator Dan Solomon (Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Urban Design, UC Berkeley), Emily Talen (Professor of Urbanism, University of Chicago), Charles Wolfe (Author and Affiliate Professor at University of Washington), and Tigran Haas (Director, Centre for the Future of Places). The conversations touch upon the ways that residence-based diversity complicates public space and how to approach creating more inclusive public space through exploration, observation, and improvements. This was Susan's second visit to KTH to speak in two years.

To watch the roundtable, click on the video below!

Project type:

Placemaking, speaking / innovation, urban design


Stockholm Roundtable



KTH Centre for the Future of Places


Stockholm, Sweden

Event Date:

May 2017

Project Type:

Placemaking, speaking / innovation, urban design


Susan Silberberg


Dan Solomon (UC Berkeley)


Emily Talen (University of Chicago)


Charles Wolfe (University of Washington)


Tigran Haas - moderator (Centre for the Future of Places)

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