CivicMoxie’s collaborative team of planners and urban designers combine an innovative spirit and on-the-ground know-how to ensure plans on paper translate to a vibrant reality with positive outcomes. We are committed to a “shared authority” model of planning that recognizes the depth of knowledge, commitment, and expertise that residents, civic leaders, and businesses bring to planning projects and civic initiatives. With deep experience in land planning, urban design, arts and culture, strategic planning, and community revitalization, we excel at working with limited resources across varied interests and stakeholders to find mutually beneficial solutions to tough challenges.


Our clients range from private clients and non-profits to city planning departments to land owners to community groups and major corporations. As practitioners and academics, we offer clients the benefit of over 25 years of experience combining theory and practice to achieve impactful results beneficial to a diverse group of interests. Our work is distinguished by our belief that HOW we plan affects the end result, and working with people across disciplines, goals, and values can achieve remarkable results for all.

CivicMoxie is a woman-owned business and a certified WBE in Massachusetts.


CivicMoxie is a planning, urban design, and
arts + cultural advisory group that leverages deep experience and spirited collaboration to achieve optimistic goals for clients and communities.

Meet Our Team

Susan Silberberg
Founder and Principal

 susan (at) civicmoxie (dot) com

An accomplished city planner, urban designer, architect, author and former MIT Lecturer, Susan Silberberg is the Founder of CivicMoxie, LLC. Susan is sought after for her ability to identify savvy solutions for cities, businesses, and communities facing complex challenges. She has a keen sense of the leadership and collaboration necessary to align the sometimes disparate needs and goals of many interests. Susan’s expertise spans community and downtown revitalization work, strategic planning, real property planning for private and public clients, and arts + cultural planning. She understands that gaining trust and buy-in from all players is as integral to success as the ideas and energy brought to the project. This distinctive quality allows her to craft innovative solutions and create exciting new possibilities for translating plans into actions.

Sue Kim
Senior Planner / Project Manager

 suekim (at) civicmoxie (dot) com

Sue Kim is a Senior Planner/Project Manager at CivicMoxie who adds city planning, development, and project management experience to the team. She has worked in the public sector and as a planning consultant for a wide range of projects throughout several diverse communities and cities. As a senior planner at the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) for many years, Sue was the neighborhood planner for Chinatown, the Leather District, and the Midtown Cultural District, leading and managing multi-lingual land use planning and park design processes, public land disposition processes, development review, and rezoning efforts. 

Michael Rosenberg

 michael (at) civicmoxie (dot) com

A planner and graphic designer, Michael explores the intersection of these two fields and how he can contribute to the public realm and foster a sense of place. Utilizing a multifaceted approach, and diverse academic background, he tackles urban issues both at municipal and regional levels. Having worked previously with the City of Cambridge and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, he has experience in economic development, community engagement, and arts and culture planning. Michael has a Master of City Planning from Boston University, a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Ecosystem Science and Policy (double major) from the University of Miami. He is also a current candidate for a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Boston University.

Gavin Lewis
Planning Intern

Gavin Lewis is an urban planner and sustainability researcher, committed to low-carbon, just cities. His work is interdisciplinary and he is adept at conducting mixed-method research and developing evidence-based urban strategies. Professionally, Gavin has worked with Hubway, Greater Boston’s Bikeshare system, as well as WWF Cities on their One Planet City Challenge, and EIT Urban Mobility. Gavin has an M.Sc. in Sustainable Urban Planning from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Villanova.

Clay Lin
Planning Intern

Clay is an urban designer and planner focused on how design affects behaviour. He has explored the challenges of global connections, risk communication, and urban isolation through his studies in architecture. Before joining CivicMoxie, he was a research assistant at Urban Theory Lab and a freelance data visualizer and designer. Clay is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture in Urban Design at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Sarah Saydun
Planning Intern

Sarah Saydun brings eight years of youth development and community organizing experience to CivicMoxie. Sarah is committed to centering the experiences and needs of those most affected in her policy and planning work. Born and raised in Miami, FL, Sarah has always called coastal cities home, and is passionate about the intersection of housing and climate justice. Most recently, she worked as the Lead Housing Policy Fellow for Boston City Councilor Michele Wu, where she conducted policy research related to affordable housing, development, and displacement. Sarah is pursuing a Masters in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. In her off time, you can find her making swoon-worthy playlists and zines, tending lovingly to her plants, or devouring urban fantasy novels like N.K. Jemisin’s The City We Became.

Christian Turner
Planning Intern

Christian is a designer, thinker and builder who believes pursuing equity is essential to healthy, vibrant and sustainable cities. With a background in transportation planning, public finance and residential construction, his work centers local initiatives that improve the lives of all neighbors. Christian is currently a earning a graduate degree in city planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, specializing in urban design, community development, mediation and housing.

Leo (the Dog)
Urban Dog Parks Advisor

Leo has traveled the northeastern United States observing and evaluating dog parks. He is committed to creating canine communities wherever he travels and believes dog parks are great for human interaction, too. When he is not exploring he can be found in CivicMoxie’s office, where he does a stellar job of keeping everyone’s spirits high and warmly welcoming visitors to the office. He wants everyone to know that urban planning is not just for people!