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Placemaking: from ideas to action!

Ideas to action. It’s something we all want to see, yes? The very term placemaking is about movement and action. It is about the energetic embrace of the process that brings communities together to shape their physical environment. For CivicMoxie’s team, ideas to action also means thinking about how to get planning reports off the shelf.  Lessons offered by hundreds if not thousands of placemaking projects can inform how we plan and how we act (or not!).

In this talk, Susan Silberberg discusses what moves projects along and how to avoid pitfalls that bog things down. She focuses on the need for planners need to wear multiple hats and rethink project scopes and their roles. Afterwards, Susan and Fred Kent of Project for Public Spaces jointly answer questions generated by their talks.

To watch Susan discuss the importance of placemakers, click on the video below!

Project type:

Community engagement, placemaking, speaking / innovation, urban design


Oklahoma Placemaking Conference



Institute for Quality Communities, The University of Oklahoma


Norman, Oklahoma

Event Date:

April 2017

Project Type:

Community engagement, placemaking, speaking / innovation, urban design


Susan Silberberg


Fred Kent  (Project for Public Spaces)

Susan begins speaking around 34 and a half minutes

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