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Revitalization strategies to activate reuse of brownfields and other sites along Route 1 East

CivicMoxie led the Mariner’s Way Discovery + Action Plan (MW-DAP) corridor revitalization planning for Route 1 East in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Funded by a Brownfields Area Revitalization (BAR) Grant from the State of Connecticut, the MW-DAP outlines a new vision for the Route 1 East corridor as a visitor and resident destination and as a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly connection between the town center and Connecticut River recreation and natural areas. The plan also addresses the challenges presented by a corridor that has underutilized, vacant, and brownfield properties, and lacks a single identity The CivicMoxie team worked with the Old Saybrook BAR Advisory Committee and gathered community input through public meetings, numerous focus groups and interviews, as well as a newly initiated “Navigation Group” comprised of local and regional business and civic leaders.  


The MW-DAP goals for revitalization of the Mariner’s Way corridor reflect the pride residents and businesses feel about the town and the community’s desire to complement Old Saybrook’s character. The Plan outlines a blueprint for town policy and decision-making that highlights key development parcels within three themed areas along the corridor. By focusing on catalyst sites along Mariner's Way and basing development strategies on actual market conditions and potential uses based on feedback from area entrepreneurs and nonprofits, the Plan focuses on implementation to get this part of the town “unstuck.” The vision for Mariner’s Way is a unique recreational, shopping, living, and business destination that includes a food and wine visitor and educational center which would be a first for the state, with possible adjacent Audubon Society offices and visitor information, along with associated dining and retail destinations. Other recommended uses in the catalyst areas include mixed-use TOD near the Old Saybrook Train Station and luxury senior living facilities and amenities near the water, on property currently housing a senior rehabilitation center.

Project type:

Community revitalization, corridor / main streets, placemaking, real estate planning, urban design

Project Name:

Mariner's Way Discovery + Action Plan



Town of Old Saybrook


Old Saybrook, CT


December 2017

Project Type:

Community revitalization, corridor / main streets, placemaking, real estate planning, urban design

Project Team:

CivicMoxie (lead)

Good Earth Advisors LLC

The Williams Group


Freeman Companies

Jeff C. Sprague

Tighe & Bond

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