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  planBTV SOUTH END   


Using creative placemaking to support a vibrant industrial and arts district

The City of Burlington’s Department of Planning and Zoning sought to develop a master plan for the city’s South End neighborhood. The South End is a neighborhood that served a number of historic roles and was the center of many heavy-duty industrial and manufacturing activities. The district currently hosts a number of commercial and light industrial uses, in addition to being a hub of creative, arts/cultural and “maker” spaces. Home to Burton Snowboards,, Lake Champlain Chocolates and an array of smaller entrepreneurs, artists, and craftspeople, the district is a unique place in the city that is experiencing change as these and other businesses grow along with its workforce. Designated an “enterprise zone” by the city, the South End is largely composed of industrial and commercial uses but is supported and invigorated by adjacent residential areas. Goals of the plan included responding to district growth and change, enhancing transportation infrastructure including biking and pedestrian connections, retaining the “affordable, funky character,” protecting and expanding affordable artist and maker spaces, and providing guidance on regulations and incentives to encourage innovation and creativity to foster an “enterprise zone for the 21st Century.” The resulting plan strengthened the South End, protecting current uses while providing a framework for new private investment, as well as exciting vibrant public places.


This master planning process incorporated creative placemaking through an Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. CivicMoxie led the creative placemaking and artist space portion of the work.

Project type:

Arts and culture, community engagement, placemaking, real estate planning


PlanBTV South End Master Plan



City of Burlington, Department of Planning and Zoning


Burlington, VT


June 2015

Project Type:

Arts and culture, community engagement, placemaking, real estate planning

Project Team:


Goody Clancy (lead)

Dubois & King

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