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TOD-focused revitalization strategies around Berlin's historic train station

CivicMoxie led a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Study for Kensington Village in Berlin, Connecticut to build on Town and State-led efforts to maximize the potential of Amtrak station improvements and the provision of commuter rail service to the town. The Kensington Village TOD plan is focused on the area that is an approximate ten-minute walk from the train station and seeks to meet three challenges: attract new people to Kensington Village; maximize Berlin’s natural amenities and open space; transform existing and underutilized industrial spaces into housing, new business, and highlight high-tech industrial uses that provide economic benefits to the Town and support existing businesses for a vibrant village core. The CivicMoxie team met with arts advocates and civic-minded residents to develop strategies to fill vacant ground floor spaces and identify organizations that can program activities and help placemaking efforts.

The plan presents three opportunity sites and CivicMoxie presented real estate redevelopment scenarios for each based on market conditions and the goal to provide increased vitality to the Village and support for walkability and local businesses. Recommendations were made for open space and connectivity improvements, zoning changes were outlined, and shared parking strategies were detailed in an effort to encourage private investment and economic development. A coordinated and compelling image for the Village was created and public/private spaces for events and activities were identified to help activate the public realm in the short-term and long-term.

Project type:

Community revitalization, corridor / main streets, placemaking, real estate planning, urban design

Project Name:

Berlin TOD Kensington Village Plan



Town of Berlin


Berlin, CT


October 2017

Project Type:

Community revitalization, corridor / main streets, placemaking, real estate planning, urban design

Project Team:

CivicMoxie (lead)

Good Earth Advisors LLC

Freeman Companies

AMC Consulting LLC 

   with Karl F. Seidman Consulting

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