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Enabling new places to live, work, and play in an environment with safe and convenient options to walk, bike, or take transit to most destinations in Downtown Manchester

CivicMoxie provided community engagement and implementation planning services on the Goody Clancy team for the transit-oriented development plan for the South End of Downtown Manchester.

The team looked at infrastructure, current and future multi-modal potential, including possible future commuter rail service to Boston, and developed a multi-part strategy for different parts of the study area based on connections, physical characteristics, and existing character.  A potential build-out analysis quantified future benefits and outlined necessary near-term infrastructure investments and policy recommendations to encourage compact, mixed-use development integrated into a walkable setting. The Plan provides a road map for decisions that ensure that near-term development and regulation/investments don’t foreclose on the longer-term desire to create a vibrant, walkable, dense district offering a mix opportunities to live, work, shop, study, and play by providing a variety of convenient transportation choices. Recommendations in infrastructure, zoning, urban design guidelines, and connectivity prioritize walking, bicycling, local bus service, and regional travel by bus and rail, so that development does not depend solely on driving, particularly private vehicle ownership, as its primary means of access. Economic analysis of the plan shows that future benefits including tax revenues will more than pay for public investment in infrastructure to achieve full buildout.


CivicMoxie worked with Goody Clancy to develop a series of simulation games during a community workshop that gauged stakeholder priorities, appetite for tradeoffs, and educated residents and businesses about the benefits and components of TOD.

Project type:

Community engagement, community revitalization, downtown / district plan, real estate planning, urban design

Project Name:

Manchester, NH Transit-Oriented Development Plan



Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission


Manchester, NH


September 2020

Project Type:

Community engagement, community revitalization, downtown / district plan, real estate planning, urban design

Project Team:



Goody Clancy (lead)

Applied Economics Research


Tighe & Bond

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