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Leading small Maine towns in climate action

York is the first town in Maine to complete a voter-approved climate action plan to address rising temperatures and the environmental, social, health, infrastructure, and economic impacts expected in the coming years. CivicMoxie was the lead consultant on the Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the Town of York, ME – only the second municipal climate action plan in all of Maine (the first was the City of Portland and City of South Portland joint effort).

The York climate planning effort builds on the State’s Maine Won’t Wait climate action plan and addresses the risks faced by the Town from sea level rise and other climate-induced changes. With a robust visitor economy built on the town’s history, large areas of forest, and coastal beauty, York has much to protect from climate impacts. CivicMoxie lead the team that conducted a Greenhouse Gas baseline inventory and a climate vulnerability assessment for the Town. As a member of the Mayors Global Covenant for Climate & Energy, York has committed to a 50% reduction of greenhouse gases from 2010 levels by 2030 and a 100% reduction by 2050. The Town will use the Climate Action Plan to guide future investment decisions and to meet its MGC reporting requirements and commitments, as well as to take advantage of Federal, State, and regional programs and incentives.

The CivicMoxie team produced a graphic-rich, user-friendly report with extensive supplemental information outlining methodologies for the greenhouse gas inventory and climate vulnerability assessment as well as a concise executive summary.  The Climate Action Plan went to town vote in May 2022 and passed with 70% of voter approval, a major feat and strong foundation for implementation of the plan. The full CAP and more information about the planning process can be viewed on the Town of York website.

Project type:

Waterfront / resiliency, climate action, community engagement

York Climate Action Plan

Town of York, ME

York, ME 

February 2022, approved by Town voters May 2022

Project Type:
Waterfront / resiliency, climate action, community engagement

Project Team:
CivicMoxie (lead)
Climate Advisory, LLC

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