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An arts and culture plan supporting quality of life, vibrant public spaces, and economic development and prosperity in Dunwoody

Create Dunwoody is an arts and culture plan that seeks to support opportunities for placemaking and vibrant public spaces, enhanced economic development, and overall quality for those who live, work, and play in Dunwoody. Located just north of Atlanta, Dunwoody is a recently incorporated city with an established community and thriving commercial center. Many of the key arts and cultural organizations located here have long been community anchors with robust programs, memberships, and dedicated attendees and visitors. The City and its key arts constituents recognized the need to build on existing strengths to support new placemaking and culture efforts as the city matures and thrives. 

CivicMoxie was hired by the City of Dunwoody to create a place to enhance existing arts and cultural assets, identify opportunities for expanded placemaking, and strengthen synergies between the arts and the business community. A robust public participation process that included tabling at local destinations and train stations, an online survey, interviews, focus groups, and public meetings led to key recommendations including the creation of an arts council. The plan provides Dunwoody with strategic action steps for the creation and development of an arts council, phased approaches to incorporating arts and placemaking in public spaces and initiatives, and recommendations for the ongoing support of local organizations and events. The result is an arts and culture strategy that is uniquely Dunwoody and includes new quality-of-life indicators to allow the City and its partners to measure success.

Project type:

Arts and culture, community engagement, placemaking, real estate planning


Create Dunwoody Arts & Culture Master Plan



City of Dunwoody


Dunwoody, GA


October 2018

Project Type:

Arts and culture, community engagement, placemaking, real estate planning

Project Team:

CivicMoxie (lead)

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