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Creating a sustainable arts and culture vision and roadmap for Brookhaven to be at the forefront of arts and culture in the Atlanta region

CivicMoxie worked closely with the City of Brookhaven and the Arts Advisory Council to create the City’s first arts and cultural strategic plan. Through asset mapping, focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders, including businesses, and public workshops, key priorities were identified including the desire for more art and cultural activities in the city’s parks and in local neighborhoods, the desire for a formal public art program, and the need to integrate arts and culture into new development areas. The ten-month planning process was guided by principles developed in the first phase of the project:


  • Think big!

  • Honor the diversity and traditions of residents

  • Commit to equity and inclusion

  • Employ sustainable initiatives and practices

  • Support positive economic impact

  • Value beauty and good design


The Plan recommends the creation of an Arts and Culture Coordinator position at City Hall and the formal designation of an Arts and Culture Council that can oversee the implementation of the Plan.  CivicMoxie worked closely with City leadership to ensure that all plan recommendations were rooted in realistic financial and regulatory expectations and two meetings with City Department leaders during the project ensured collaboration throughout the process. The resulting plan is deeply reflection of city culture and in the policies and goals of City Hall…ensuring that recommendations will become reality over the course of the next five years.

Project type:

Arts and culture, community engagement, placemaking, real estate planning


Arts Brookhaven



City of Brookhaven, GA


Brookhaven, GA


September 2020

Project Type:

Arts and culture, community engagement, strategic planning

Project Team:

CivicMoxie (lead)

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