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Park(ing) Day, Caffeinated

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

CivicMoxie had a great time participating in Park(ing) Day on September 21st in Central Square, Cambridge in conjunction with Peet's Coffee.

We asked ourselves: “what would make us want to stop by a Park(ing) Day space?" The answer: free caffeine. However, as an office split between coffee and tea drinkers, we debated which liquid would be on the menu. Unable to come to an agreement, we thought we’d settle it in the streets. Peet's Coffee kindly agreed to donate the brews and a staff member for the day.

We hosted an epic battle between these two quintessential caffeinated beverages and the people that drink them. We asked passers-by to pick their poison: coffee or tea. Our parking space was divided into a tea room in one half and a coffee house in the other half. We handed out small servings of coffee and tea, inviting people to stay a few minutes as they enjoyed them. For each selected beverage, an orange or blue sticker was added to the real-time “bar chart” that tracked preference by time of day. At the end of the day, coffee won out (248 - 204), settling this once and for all!


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