Rethinking the role of arts and culture at the Atlanta Regional Commission and throughout the Atlanta region

Metro Atlanta is a regional center for arts and culture with a national and international presence in the work it produces. From arts nonprofits to the commercial creative industries (including film, tv, music, and video games) to public art to festivals and informal arts experiences, residents of the 10-county region enjoy, expect, and deserve access to arts opportunities. The Atlanta Regional Commission was looking to build upon its existing arts and culture work and partnered with CivicMoxie to create the Arts, Culture, & Creative Placemaking Strategic Plan.


The plan builds on six years of arts and culture at the ARC, during which time the agency has explored and grown the inclusion of arts, culture, and creative placemaking in its regional planning work. The plan bolsters existing arts-related work, identifies goals, explores new priorities, and creates a cohesive strategy to relate arts and culture to the overall ARC mission as well as articulating how the rest of the agency intersects with arts and culture. More fundamentally, the plan clarifies the ARC’s role in the region in supporting arts and culture and identifying ways in which the agency is uniquely positioned to be impactful in this work. The result is a strategy that positions the Atlanta Regional Commission as a visionary in arts, culture, and creative placemaking work at the regional planning scale with recommendations that are sure to be transformative to the agency’s day-to-day operations and elevate arts and culture throughout Metro Atlanta.

Project type:

Arts and culture, community engagement, placemaking, strategic planning


ARC Arts, Culture, & Creative Placemaking Strategic Plan



Atlanta Regional Commission


Metro Atlanta


January 2019

Project Type:

Arts and culture, community engagement, placemaking, strategic planning

Project Team:

CivicMoxie (lead)

Sycamore Consulting, Inc.

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ARC Arts, Culture, & Placemaking

Attendees at a public meeting at Dad’s Garage to discuss the role of the Atlanta Regional Commission around arts and culture in Atlanta.